Here at The People’s Insurance, when it comes to protecting yourself, your family or your property we cover it all. No-one likes to think about the worst happening, but sometimes life throws you unexpected challenges. That’s where having the right insurance is so important, money is the last thing you want to worry about when times get tough.

What does an Insurance Adviser do?

We’re experts in ensuring you are protected with the best cover possible that will work for your lifestyle and budget. We take into account your current situation along with your future plans and goals. Insurance doesn’t have to be stressful, we’ll make choosing your insurance needs a breeze by going through all the fine print so that you don’t have to.

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We can help you with:

Life Insurance

One of the most important types of insurance you will ever have is Life Insurance. In the event of your death, life insurance provides a one-off lump sum payment to help pay your mortgage, cover your funeral, or make up for lost income for your family when you’re gone. Everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why we work with you to find the right insurance option to meet your needs. Provide for your loved ones should the unthinkable happen.

Income Protection

If you are unable to work due to an accident, illness, or redundancy, income protection helps you sustain a secure source of income when you and your family need it the most. Allowing you the freedom to focus on your recovery.

Health Insurance

Whatever stage in life you are at, your health matters. Health insurance can keep you on the right track. Whether you require an unexpected surgery or need private treatment, health insurance ensures your finances are covered and you can get treated faster.


Expect the unexpected – Trauma insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind should something happen to you that threatens your financial position. Whether you need assistance with medical or rehabilitation costs, trauma insurance allows you and your family to sleep easy knowing you’ve got the best cover possible.

Mortgage Protection

If you are unable to work due to illness, injury or redundancy mortgage protection ensures you keep the roof over your head, even if the unthinkable happens. A steady monthly payment ensures you have the financial support you need to meet your repayment obligations.

Home and Contents Insurance

No matter how much or how little you own, house and contents insurance ensures you are protected should anything happen to your house or its precious contents.


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